Located in the heart of Detroit, Midtown Group is a highly trained team of expert master craftsmen who have built a well-earned reputation by working tirelessly to revitalize downtown Detroit and its surrounding communities. We specialize in concrete construction, high-quality masonry work, and a vast range of selective site-work projects.


On each of our projects, no matter the size, safety is a paramount consideration. Construction of any kind involves an element of physical risk. Successfully managing that risk in order to prevent injury to our crew or damage to your structure is part of the discipline and experience we bring to every one of our work sites. To ensure a consistently safe construction environment, we make certain our workers are supplied with all the safety gear they need and we require them to use it. Ultimately, it’s a mindset we encourage them to develop. An awareness that there’s really only one way to do something: the safest way possible.


We are proud to say that we have a team of leaders at Midtown Construction that bring years of experience and expertise to each of our projects. Given our high level of experience, we are able to approach each job effectively and efficiently.


Craftsmanship does not happen simply by using the best tools. Or the best materials. Craftsmanship is a philosophy. It’s doing things right the first time. Everyone at Midtown Group shares this philosophy. Our crew is sharp, experienced and highly skilled. Since every project presents a different challenge, we believe in handcrafted solutions. Providing custom work. And bringing the same level of craftsmanship to jobs big and small. Because, at the end of the day, all that matters is the quality of our work and our customer's satisfaction.